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About Konglish Books!

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Welcome to Konglish Books!

What is "Konglish" you ask?

It's a combination of the words "Korean" and "English". 

And as the name suggests, our books are created for

bilingual, multi-lingual, and or multi-cultural learners!

Our books are created to teach people of all ages about the culture, history, and language of Korea.

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- Esther Song, Founder & CEO -

Hi! I'm a Korean-American mom of 8 beautiful children, and I have a passion for stories!

I believe all children should grow up with fun, heart-filling stories that stoke their creativity and imagination.


Growing up, I remember gathering up my younger brother, my cousin, and all the young children at my church and telling them stories after stories, and just having a great time! Seeing all of their wide-eyed, excited faces spurred on some of the wildest, most wackiest stories!


My family moved to the U.S. when I was 7, so I grew up as a bi-lingual learner. So I know first-hand how beneficial it is for children to be immersed in various languages and cultures from an early age. 

As a Korean-American with second generation Korean-American children, I have a desire to teach my children more about their Korean heritage. Anyone with me? So began Konglish Books & Company! My hopes are that the books we create here will instill in all of our readers the beautiful, colorful, and dynamic culture, history, and language of Korea! 

So let us share as many fun, educational, heart-warming, tummy-tickling, smile-making stories together! Please come, and sit around our circle! 

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